Heavy Civil Demolition and Site Work Construction

Holyoke Medical Center Emergency Department Expansion

Type of Construction:
Heavy Civil Demolition and Site Work Construction
Holyoke, Massachusetts
Holyoke Medical Center


A.J. Virgilio Construction performed heavy civil demolition and site work construction for the development of the new Holyoke Medical Center Emergency Department Expansion.

A.J. Virgilio Construction

This project required very deep excavation directly adjacent to the 125 year old wing of the hospital along with an emergency generator- with the deepest portion approximately 22’ deep.  The process involved using a drill rig to inject pre-mixed grout “columns” under the existing (and brittle) brick footing.  Placing these columns side-by-side in a row created a 14,000 square foot wall that prevented any settlement of the existing structures as we excavated next to it.

A team of engineers carefully calculated the load requirements for the grout wall and set up a monitoring system that would detect settlement of even ¼ of an inch.

After shaving the wall with an excavator to accommodate the new construction, the drill rig came back to install “tie backs”.  These tie backs prevented the walls from moving horizontally.

The design and careful installation of this wall not only minimized disruption to the operations of the existing wing of the hospital, it provided a safe work area for the crews, and prevented damage to the foundation of a historical building.

A.J. Virgilio’s work also included:

  • Installed sedimentation basin, inlet protections and erosion controls.
  • Reclaimed 3,200 square yards of bituminous concrete roadways, parking and sidewalk.
  • Demolished removed and disposed of existing granite curb, concrete sidewalk, retaining walls, landscaping, water and drain system, electrical and gas lines.
  • Subgrade preparation and construction of 2,000 square yards of bituminous concrete roadways, parking, sidewalk and utility trench resurfacing.
  • Installation of 700 linear feet of granite curbing.
  • Subgrade preparation for 350 square yards of cement concrete walkways and flatwork.
  • Cut to fill earth excavation of 1,500 cubic yards for building and site development preparation.
  • Export of 2,000 cubic yards of excess soil materials.
  • Footings/piers and slab subgrade prep for 25,000 square foot building footprint.
  • Installation of 1,000 linear feet of under slab plumbing and electrical excavation and backfill.
  • Installation of 600 linear feet of 12” diameter HDPE drainage system piping and associated precast concrete catch basins, manholes, outlet control structures and a storm water infiltration chamber.
  • Installation of private/public water systems totaling 1,000 linear feet of 6, 8 and 10 inch ductile iron water main piping/appurtenances, hydrants and fire service.
  • Installation of 150 linear feet of 4 & 8 inch PVC sewer system piping and associated precast concrete manholes.
  • Installation of 1,000 linear feet of trench excavation and backfill for electrical conduit.