Road Reconstruction, Drainage Improvements and Structure Replacement

Road Reconstruction – Clarksburg, Massachusetts

Type of Construction:
Road Reconstruction, Drainage Improvements and Structure Replacement
West Cross Road Clarksburg, Massachusetts
Town of Clarksburg, Massachusetts


A.J. Virgilio Construction performed roadway reconstruction, widening and associated drainage improvements for 0.7 mile public street including replacement of all drainage pipes, structures, curbs and cold in place recycling and repaving.

A.J. Virgilio’s work included:

  • Safety controls and signage for construction operations for three (3) phased road closures with detour.
  • Furnished and installed 1,700 feet of wattles as perimeter erosion control measure
  • Demolition and reconstruction of eight (8) precast storm drain structures
  • Demolition and reconstruction of 600 feet of 6” – 24” diameter PVC and HDPE storm drain replacement, roadway under drain, and associated stone headwall construction.
  • Reconstruction of approximately 3,700 feet of West Cross Road and two public street intersections including 10,000 square yards of cold in place recycling of the asphalt roadway
  • Construction of 1,140 feet of HMA berm
  • Installation of 100 feet of guardrail
  • Placement of 1,500 tons of HMA pavement for roads/driveways/sidewalks
  • Permanent signage and striping, including furnishing and installing two new solar powered flashing beacon school signs
  • Wetland replication