Landfill Cap Restoration for Final Closure

Sheehy Road Landfill – Ware, MA

Type of Construction:
Landfill Cap Restoration for Final Closure
Ware, MA
Town of Ware, MA


A.J. Virgilio Construction performed erosion control, clearing, earthwork, landscape planting and site improvements to implement Corrective Action Design to restore existing landfill cap for final landfill closure.

A.J. Virgilio’s work included:

  • Installation and maintenance of 1,660’ of silt fence.
  • Site layout, clearing, stumping and grubbing of existing 2.6 acre site.
  • Excavation and construction of 7,000 square foot boulder drainage channel with log bar and boulder check dams, slope protection and channel planting.
  • Imported, placed and compacted 10,000 cubic yards of common fill capping material.
  • Imported placed and seeded final capping material which consisted of 1,750 cubic yards of “Bio Mix SPF” recycled waste product as top soil substitute.
  • Furnished and installed security gate and 400’ of metal beam guardrail.