Site Development

Whately Solar Farm

Type of Construction:
Site Development
Whately, MA
Citizens Energy


A.J. Virgilio Construction performed the site work for the construction of a 9MW Ground Mounted Solar Array located in Whatley MA. This system consisted of over 7200 modules, and three 500kw inverters.

A.J. Virgilio’s work included:

  • Installed and maintained over 1500 of erosion control
  • Provided brush remediation and selective clearing to the 11 acre site
  • Imported and placed over 1100’ of gravel for the solar array maintenance drive
  • Installed a stone access road for construction traffic control to the solar array
  • Installed (2) 10’ x 50’ concrete inverter pads
  • Provided over 3000’ of electrical trenching and backfill for inverter conduit
  • Made improvements to State Rd in Whatley at the solar array entrance
  • Provided Landscaping and hydro seeding over eleven  acres