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Our expertise spans from the construction of underground and overground passages with Pipe, Box, and Bridge Culverts, ensuring efficient water flow and drainage systems, to the skilled development of Wetlands, fostering biodiversity and environmental balance.

Pipe, Box, and Bridge Culverts

Expert construction of underground and overground passages for water flow, ensuring efficient drainage systems.

Wetland Construction

Skilled development of natural habitats, fostering biodiversity and environmental balance.

Water Control

Precision engineering to manage and regulate water levels for irrigation, flood prevention, or hydroelectric purposes.

Bank Stabilization

Techniques to reinforce and protect riverbanks, preventing erosion and preserving nearby infrastructure.

Stream Bed Construction

Crafting and shaping watercourse beds to enhance natural flow patterns and mitigate erosion risks.

Rip Rap Replacement

Installation of durable stone or concrete armor to fortify shorelines and prevent erosion.

Structure Waterproofing

Implementing measures to shield buildings and infrastructure from water damage, ensuring longevity and structural integrity.

Structural Steel

Fabrication and erection of steel frameworks for buildings, bridges, and other structures, providing strength and durability.

Form and Concrete Work

Expertise in constructing molds and pouring concrete to create solid foundations, walls, and structures with precision and strength.

Partner with Us for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Solutions

A.J. Virgilio Construction’s expertise in form and concrete work ensures solid foundations for future generations, while our commitment to water control and bank stabilization safeguards against environmental risks. Let us be your partner in building a better, more resilient tomorrow.

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I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the work completed on the Colebrook River Road Bridge Replacement project. Your team on this project was a pleasure to work with. Their professional knowledge and dedication to their work really showed as the work unfolded. Scheduling in the construction industry can be a difficult task, especially due to the restrictions the Pandemic has brought; your team effectively met all project schedule requirements, schedule changes and were extremely accommodating when dealing with unforeseen conditions and potential change orders.

Edwin Deming - Highway Superintendent- Town of Tolland, MA
Man in hard hat working on bridge construction

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