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A.J. Virgilio Construction Leads the Way in Community Development

With expertise in emergency water and sewer repairs, sewer, and drainage installations, and innovative road stabilization techniques, we’re dedicated to enhancing vital community services. From retaining walls to meticulous sidewalk and concrete improvements, our commitment to excellence is evident in every project.

Emergency Water / Sewer Repairs

Swift and efficient response for urgent water and sewer line issues to restore service promptly.

Water, Sewer, and Drainage Installation

Expert installation of essential infrastructure systems to ensure reliable water supply and effective drainage.

Bypassing Pumping

Temporary pumping solutions to maintain flow during repairs or construction activities.

Road Stabilization

Techniques to reinforce and stabilize road surfaces, ensuring safe and durable transportation routes.

Retaining Walls

Construction of sturdy walls to prevent soil erosion and support elevated terrain.


Installation of curbs for delineating road edges and enhancing safety.

Sidewalk and Concrete Improvements

Quality enhancements to pedestrian pathways and concrete structures for improved safety and accessibility.

Paving – Asphalt, Concrete, Granite, Brick

Versatile paving solutions including asphalt, concrete, granite, and brick to meet specific project needs.

Roadway Reclamation

Sustainable methods for reclaiming and reusing materials in road construction, reducing environmental impact.

Guardrail Installation

Installation of protective barriers along roads and highways to enhance safety for motorists.

Pavement Markings

Application of clear and durable markings on road surfaces for traffic guidance and safety.

Traffic Controls

Implementation of temporary traffic management measures to ensure safety during construction activities.


Design and installation of aesthetically pleasing landscapes to enhance urban environments.

Cast-in-place Concrete

Precise pouring and molding of concrete on-site for durable and custom structures.

Municipal Service Excellence and Lasting Community Impact

A.J. Virgilio Construction stands at the forefront of municipal service enhancement. Our dedication positions us to elevate the standard of municipal services, fostering lasting improvements that resonate within communities for generations to come. Join us as we pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous future.

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